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A collection dedicated to our Malayan Tigers. 10% of scarves and art print and  20% of postcards sales will contribute to RIMAU NGO in supporting the Menraq Patrol Unit program. 

Do you know that there are less than 150 tigers left in our forest ?It is very heartbreaking to learn that our tigers are at the brink of extinction. Therefore 2 of my merchandise will contribute to RIMAU NGO's Menraq Patrol Unit program with hope that we could contribute a bit in protecting the tigers and other wildlife from illegal poachers. Menraq is a specialised wildlife patrol outfit made up entirely of the local indigenous Jahai community in Royal Belum State Park devoted to protecting the Malayan tigers So lets help protecting our tigers while we still can. You may also donate at RIMAU NGO's website and also learn more about our Malayan Tigers from the link below: